SmartStep aims to improve mobility in older adults by alerting the user of potential dangers in real time.


Obstacle Detection

Detects obstacles and changes in pavement and alerts you with vibrations

Shuffle Detection

Learns how you walk and alerts you if you’re not picking your feet up

Fall Detection

Knows if you’ve fallen and can call for help (coming soon)


Our “smart shoe” uses built-in sensors, like an ultrasonic rangefinder and an accelerometer, to collect and process data about the user’s walking experience.


The idea for SmartStep was the result of the 2017 LeadingAge Hackfest in Needham, MA. This multigenerational event brought together both college students and residents from nearby retirement villages to collaborate in a day-long hackathon where the objective was to create a product to improve the lives of older adults. With no prior collaboration or interactions, our team developed the idea of SmartStep, with a functional prototype, by the end of the eight-hour workday. As the winners of the Hackfest, we were invited to attend the LeadingAge Annual Meeting and Expo in New Orleans in fall 2017 and presented with $2500, which we intend to use to further develop the product.